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Magenta Pharma Consulting

Magenta Pharma Consulting is a small sized, but highly specialized company founded by Angela Willemsen in April 2004.


Magenta Pharma Consulting offers independent consultancy services in Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance for the pharmaceutical industry and hospital pharmacies. Magenta Pharma Consulting is preferred supplier of world leading pharmaceutical companies and during our existence we have already served over 25 companies worldwide!


As a consultant Angela has worked for many of national- and international clients who agree in her professional and enthusiastic approach to work and her friendly attitude.



Magenta Pharma Consulting offers services to:

  • Pharmaceutical enterprises (actively involved in prescription medicines, OTC medicines, health products, cosmetics and medical devises)
  • Veterinary Pharmaceutical Enterprises
  • Pharmaceutical wholesale  and retail
  • Healthcare institutions (e.g. hospital pharmacies)
  • Branch - and professional associations  (medical and pharmaceutical)


Should you need any temporary assistance for your company, please do not hesitate to contact Angela at Magenta Pharma Consulting.